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This long, time-consuming and endless work has been made by Mr Ruggero MELI. Here are a few words from him:

First of all many thanks for your support in this project. Like many of you, I am a baroque music lover and particularly enjoy buying recordings, which can be a complicated task in this jungle of worldwide offer. I long felt it would be highly convenient to have access to a "complete" list of recordings of composers such as Handel and Vivaldi. To start with, I wanted to create clear lists of recordings to be available to Handelians and Vivaldians and any baroque music lover. Later comments and recommandations will be added. 

Please help us contribute to improve these lists and increase them. Contact us at baroquenews AT if you spot any mistake, want to suggest any improvement, or want to tell us about a recording which is not listed. In doing so, you will help yourself and other music lovers. Thank you.